Plastic Injection Molding

For over three decades, Superior Plastics has been synonymous with attention to detail toward its clients. Combining the use of state-of-the-art equipment with its unique expertise, customization of your products is made easy. To find out more, contact us online.


By only using plastics and the proper equipment to do the job right, Superior Plastics emphasizes dependability above all. That means combining strength and precision to make sure problems are avoided. Read why Superior Plastics is an integral component for aerospace products.


In an industry that must withstand all sorts of weather and meet important deadlines, having the flexibility to design items with our plastic injection molding machines helps companies get the job done. Working with Superior Plastics, safety and quality go hand in hand, so read here about how this philosophy aids the construction industry.

Custom Solutions

A client can help Superior Plastics create virtually any mold that can be imagined, thanks to equipment that can be shape molds according to whatever size is needed. This is done with a deft precision and intense focus on detail, so read more about how to custom design your product.


Adaptability and freedom of movement are everything in the military, which makes durable plastic items a necessity. With plastic injection molding, lightweight products can be made to aid the individual soldier. Read here about how the defense and tactile industries can benefit.


Rapid advancements in the electronic industry have developed due to the use of plastic, which enhances both the practicality and durability of a product. Read about how the electronic industry continues to evolve through the use of plastic.


Whether for safety or economic purposes, the role of plastic in the manufacturing industry is a vital one. Plastic injection molding helps produce products that can save lives as well as money, with Superior Plastics working with suppliers to make sure needs are addressed. Read here how industry plastic parts can work for you.

Oil Field

The often unrelenting toll that weather both hot and cold can take on equipment in the oil industry is just one reason why plastic injection molding is a ticket to smoother running operation within a competitive market. Read about how Superior Plastics can work wonders in the oil field business.


Staying ahead of the crowd is a necessity in this area of the business world, and making sure that ever-evolving process is running smoothly demands quality products. Using plastic injection molding, such vital areas as parts replacement can be addressed quickly, so read more about how businesses in the telecommunications industry can benefit.