115-220 Ton Cincinnati

The ability to literally shape products in an industry is just part of the story when it comes to the process of plastic injection molding. That process begins with heated resin pellets that eventually become liquid. That liquid is poured into a mold which cools and is then ejected. The process then begins again.

With more than three decades of experience in the field of custom injection molding, Superior Plastics has the skills and background to handle business from a variety of industries including defense, aerospace, automotive and medical. It also handles custom jobs as well as plastic related to the toy and jewelry industries.

Why Use Plastic?

Through its limited weight, resistance to rust and its reduced cost, creating plastic injection molds are made easier through the use of any of the company’s 10 different 115-220 Cincinnati’s. The sort of flexibility affords Superior Plastics the ability to make sure that our customer orders are finished on time and at the best price.

In using the latest injection molding machines, Superior Plastics makes sure that quality equipment is at the forefront of its production.

With that many 115-220 Cincinnati’s at our disposal, we can make sure that orders are kept on schedule. That makes our customers happy and spreads good word of mouth with regard to not only the quality, but consistency of our work.

What is the Significance of the Machine’s Name?

The name of this specific injection molding machine is defined by the clamping force that it’s able to produce. For example, during this process, 115-220 Ton Cincinnati’s can sustain a force of between 115 and 220 tons on the mold being processed.

The Mark of Experience

The Superior Plastics brand began in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in 1981 servicing the local community. Since that time, the company’s success has allowed it to branch out to an international clientele that appreciates the company’s commitment to excellence.

Certified in ISO 900 and compliant in ASO 9100, Superior Plastics is dedicated to making sure the confidence our plastic injection molding customers have in us is paid back in full with quality workmanship. Contact us for custom plastic injection molding projects.