20 Ton Blow Molding Press

In some situations within the world of plastics, specific machinery is needed to handle smaller, easy to handle items. Among the quality equipment used by Superior Plastics in this department is the 20 Ton Blow Molding Press, an evolution from the technology used in the glass industry that has been adapted for plastics.

What’s Involved in Blow Molding?

Describing the blow molding process may require differentiating between the three different types used: injection, injection stretch and extrusion. In all cases, the plastic is melted down and shaped in a manner akin to glass blowing. After being clamped in to a mold, air is entered into it to match the mold, which is then cooled. The cooled part is removed, allowing the process to begin again.

Generally, a good deal of plastic bottling is done via this method, which includes anything from the packaging for soft drinks to laundry detergent and everything in between.

What Do They Mean by Clamping Power?

The clamping power is defined by how many tons of pressure are applied, which helps describe how the 20 Ton Blow Molding Press gets its name. Despite that seemingly imposing amount, customers needing a heavy volume of product can be easily accommodated with this equipment.

Those large orders are specific and cannot have deviations in either quality or size. That includes such areas as the amount of pressure involved or the temperature during the process. By using the right equipment for each specific job, Superior Plastics makes sure that its customers receive exactly what they requested.

Can Superior Plastics Get the Job Done?

Superior Plastics has etched its name into the consciousness of the Dallas/Fort Worth area since its start in 1981. However, it has also created an awareness of its abilities among the international plastics community, leading to a much wider range of satisfied customers.

Being in compliance in ASO 9100 while also holding certification in ISO 900, Superior Plastics makes sure that quality is the byproduct of their work. That means attention to detail and a devotion to meeting deadlines stand as twin cornerstones to their business philosophy. So, if you have a need for anything within the realm of plastics, make sure that Superior Plastics is first on your contact list.