High Heat and Performance Resins

Ultem: The ability to withstand heat and corrosive factors like solvents are one reason why the flexibility and balance of this is so prized, since it affords a certain amount of freedom for the user.

PEEK: In the world of industries like aerospace and automobiles, parts are the lifeblood of everyday production. That means polyetheretherketone (also known as PEEK) needs to be made with an eye toward durability.

Commodity Resins

Polypropylene: Reusable products and items tested in all types of weather and are part of the consumer purchasing process receive the benefit of this economically-friendly process.

Polyethylene: The wide range of high volume materials created here ranges from low-density products like squeeze bottles to progressively-higher density aspects like pipes and milk jugs.

Polystyrene: Consumer products come in a wave of different colors and shapes, with this sturdy presence able to maintain its texture under torrid conditions.

Engineering Grades

Polycarbonate: Quickly crafted to create parts for industries, these items can also be molded for construction projects, data storage and the world of electronics, with impact resistance the main component to consider.

Nylon: Products needing a combination of flexibility and strength to do their job are best served in this instance. That strength must handle the everyday wear-and-tear, along with products that are constantly in motion.

ABS: Tough but lightweight might be the best description of this material that’s usually seen in products like luggage, telephones and toys. It can also work in a variety of temperatures.

Filled Materials: What resin product is used to stabilize or strengthen a part makes a world of difference and is something that Superior Plastics is quite familiar with, which allows them to confidently advise their loyal customers.