300 Ton Van Dorn

Have you ever wondered how the sole of your shoe was made, how Barbie got her shape and how the little Legos you played with as a kid were created? The answer is plastic injection molding. Plastic injection molding has been used for many things from the computer screen in front of you to the mouse and the keys on the keyboard. The process is also used in the creation of military and tactical supplies such as scopes, flashlights and visors.

The Benefits of Plastic

Plastic is an extremely lightweight material, making it ideal for applications where minimal weight is a requirement. The rust-proof qualities of plastic make it suitable for housing components that would otherwise be exposed to damage from the elements. Plastic is cheaper than other manufacturing products, making plastic injection molding equipment such as the 300 Ton Van Dorn a key component in the manufacturing industry.

The Plastic Injection Molding Process

Thermoplastics are most commonly used in the plastic manufacturing industry. This type of plastic melts and hardens at specific temperatures and is preferred over thermosetting plastic. Thermosetting plastic poses a risk to injection molding equipment in that it hardens more quickly, increasing the chance for it to congeal in the equipment and cause damage.

Plastic injection molding starts with pellets of resin (plastic) that are heated until they are liquid. The liquid then flows into the mold, where it is compacted and allowed to cool. The piece is then ejected and the process is repeated. Injection molding machines are rated for the amount of clamping force they can produce. The 300 Ton Van Dorn, for example, can exert a force of 300 tons on the mold during the injection process.

Why You Need Superior Plastics

Superior Plastics has been in the business of custom injection molding since 1981. We take advantage of the latest in plastic injection molding equipment to ensure quality services to our customers. We are ISO 9000 certified and ASO 9100 compliant, as well as ISO 9001:2008 certified for the manufacture of defense equipment. These certifications mean that we have a strong customer focus, a drive for continual improvement and constant input and oversight from management. Consider us for your next plastic injection molding project.