42 Ton Arburg

Plastic injection molding by itself requires skills from the individuals operating the necessary equipment. However, when it comes to custom work, that level of skill demands even more focus on the task at hand.

Superior Plastics has been able to live up to that rigorous litmus test for more than 30 years. Offering its clients not only a quality finished product, but one that combines service and delivery wrapped in a price that can be hard to top.

Isn’t One Injection Molding Machine the Same as the Rest?

Custom quality demands a custom machine like the 42 Ton Arburg that can handle a plastic injection molding request in unique fashion. Such flexibility in adapting to specific client needs sets Superior Plastics apart from the rest.

Through the use of a 42 Ton Arburg, we can meet specific requirements that may pertain to such aspects of the injection molding process as the temperature range, the requisite pressures needed and the overall drying of material.

Superior Plastics has just one of these machines, but that investment gets quite a workout during the course of the year, and our many clients are glad we have it available for their needs.

Smaller is No Problem For Us

Some clients require smaller clamping force for the injection molds that are processed, and that’s where a 42 Ton Arburg comes in handy. Bringing in just any machine is of no value if the end result is simply poor workmanship, and this machine does the trick.

A Commitment to Excellence

Within the plastic injection molding industry, Superior Plastics has established itself as a force to be reckoned since first arriving on the scene in 1981. That force has been felt past the borders of not only Texas, but the United States itself, allowing the company to penetrate the international business market. Such growth serves as a testament to the overall quality of our brand.

That quality stems from Superior Plastics’ rigid adherence to ASO 9100 compliance and ISO 900 certification. Our customers are our lifeblood and we make every effort to make sure that not only our product, but the people who produce and sell it are a cut above the industry standard. So remember to contact us when your business requires plastic injection molding.