400 Ton Toyo

The 400 Ton Toyo injection molding equipment can customize the plastic manufacturing process. This is the top-of-the-line for the industry with one of the heaviest clamping forces around for stability, durability and power. Here is more information on the 400 Ton Toyo used at Superior Plastics.

In-line Screw System

The Toyo is well-constructed with a clear durable window to view the plastic processes as they operate. This creates a very safe environment where the operators do not need to touch anything internally once the operation has started. The process for making plastic moldings is very simple with the machine moving back-and-forth in about 30 seconds. The finished product is expelled to containers underneath. The technician can control all the settings from a color-coded panel on the left-hand side. This offers quick access. There is also a more complex control panel on the far right-hand side to change any configurations using large colorful buttons with arrows and numbers. This is color-coded with the “OFF” button located in the upper-right-hand corner. All is well-marked for safe operation of the Toyo machine.

Specifications for the 400 Ton Toyo

The 400 Ton Toyo machine dimensions are 300 x 66 x 93 inches (762 x 168 x 236 centimeters) with a heater capacity of 25.6 kw. There are a variety of screw diameter, nominal injection capacity and injection rates that can be set. The maximum injection pressure can range from 29,862 to 19,908 psi. The nozzle pressure force is 4.41 United States tons. The hopper capacity is 33.0 gallons.

The clamping system is double toggle with a clamping force of 400 tons. The machine weight is 46,200 pounds. Each clamping stroke is 25.60 inches. The minimum mold height is 11.81 inches with the maximum mold height at 30.31 inches. The tie-bar clearance is 31.89 x 31.89 inches. The ejector force is 7.9 tons and the ejector stroke is 5.95 inches.

Superior Plastics and the 400 Ton Toyo to complete any plastic injection molding job in you’re in need of. Give us a call for more information.