Commodity Resins

In the world of thermoplastics, commodity resins not only offer a variety of uses when it comes to plastic injection molding, but also serve an economic benefit in the fact that the cost in processing them is a budget-friendly option.

Many items for sale to the general public benefit from using commodity resins, including such items as packaging products, everyday consumer offerings and wide spectrum of toys for children.

Superior Plastics has at its disposal plastic injection molding machines that can produce various options in this area. These include:


The aerospace industry needs items that are lightweight and can be produced in high volume, with makes it the perfect market for polypropylene items. In addition, medical items, household products, as well as those needed for certain appliances, benefit from having a price-friendly consideration.

Polypropylene has seen increased demand for a good portion of the 21st Century because companies know that its low density and its ability to withstand impact make it an invaluable in the production process. Also, the suitability that comes in relation to hot-fill packaging and its resistance to chemicals are something that can’t be overlooked.


The fact that polyethylene is available in different densities is just one reason that this polymer is the most widely produced in that select category. It’s also resistant to both warping and shrinking, as well as corrosive material, and can also be used in products that come into contact with food.

Another option that offers some effective impact resistance, polyethylene is something that shows up in the bearings that are used for vital products like hip replacements and other medical-related products. Finally, children aren’t known for delicate handling of their toys, which makes usage in this department integral to continued sales.


One of the major benefits when it comes to polystyrene is its ability to be molded into different shapes, with enough detail to differentiate it to the specifications required. One of most common areas where this comes into extensive use is in the area of casual dining, such as dinnerware or plastic cups, with Styrofoam the most visible example of the latter.

This polymer in the thermoplastics segment of the market is one that can either be produced in transparent fashion or have colorants used to offer variants to potential customers. Those items can also be packaged in items that are created with polystyrene, giving it versatile usage in many different markets.

Experience Breeds Trust

For more than three decades, Superior Plastics has been a name that’s synonymous with quality and reliability at a competitive price. Through its use of multiple plastic injection molding machines, it has the capability to make sure that your product will be created by our experienced staff in a quality manner and at a price that will benefit your bottom line. So when it comes to commodity resins or thermoplastics, contact Superior Plastics for all your injecting molding needs!