85 Ton Electric Cincinnati

Techniques that have been refined for more than three decades at Superior Plastics mean that our business has the expertise to handle plastic injection molding jobs in more just one specific facet of industry.

Custom jobs are tackled by our dedicated staff of employees, along with jobs for the economic engine that fires up the toy, medical, defense, automotive and aerospace industries.

Specific Jobs Call For Specific Equipment

A number of those custom jobs will require a specific piece of machinery that Superior Plastics has at its disposal. The 85 Ton Electric Cincinnati handles not only the precise needs of our customers, but does so with a quality of craft and attention to detail.

Superior Plastics knows not all jobs come in a standard format, using machines that hum along constantly. Having a machine like the 85 Ton Electric Cincinnati affords the company the confidence to take on jobs others might shy away from because of their unique nature. That’s why our investment in this machine has made an indelible impression on the clients that we always put first.

What Can This Machine Do That Others Can’t?

The tonnage that is part of the machine’s name is based upon the amount of clamping force it can produce on the mold it is processing. We have machines that can supply much more force than what the 85 Ton Electric Cincinnati can do, but if we used them on the type of jobs demanded with this specific equipment, the end product would either be destroyed or likely not up to the exacting standards we demand for ourselves each and every day.

Industry Veterans You Can Trust

Since 1981, plastic injection molding and Superior Plastics have been synonymous in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. That positive early word of mouth has continued to branch out as the years have passed. Now, we have clients across the country and our international footprint continues to grow larger.

With that experience comes the necessary certification in ISO 900 and compliance in ASO 9100 that give us the official stamp of approval. So make sure you contact us for any plastic injection molding projects you have in the near future. You’ll be more than happy with the finished product.