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Why work with a US based Plastic Molding Company?

In this modern age, people have almost grown to expect that anything plastic is going to have “Made in China” etched on the bottom of it. While China, Japan and other heavily industrialized countries are capable of producing molded plastic at low cost, the benefits are offset negatively by the costs of transportation, communication difficulty, an inability to directly oversee the process and the lower quality that cost-cutting tends to lead to. While there are probably many companies abroad who are dedicated and committed to providing a high quality end product, there is certainly less incentive to do so when your clients are on another continent, and each job is purchased for bottom dollar. In such a case, the focus is typically on client quantity, rather than repeat clients earned through excellence.

Choose a locally based, experienced molding company

Even if you have not ventured beyond a preliminary sketch, everything starts with a design. We’ll be happy to join you at whatever point in the process you are at. We’ve been there, many times. We’ll take you from prototype to finished product, giving you the benefit of our experience and feedback at every stage. And while we’re proud to have worked for a broad and international client base, we’re happiest when helping out clients right here in the USA!

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As one of the premier injection molding companies in the USA, we are able to provide a level of service that is accessible, responsive and driven by results. Working with a company in a similar time zone ensures we are able to maintain a direct line of communication between you and our staff, reducing communication delays, and ensuring we understand exactly what you are looking for. When you are taking your idea from concept to an actual finished physical piece, you do not need to be struggling with time delays, miscommunications and added expenses that are all incurred with firms preferring to reach you from overseas.

Injection Molding in USA Saves Money

To put is simply, a quicker turnaround time, fewer communication breakdowns, reduced shipping expenses and a higher quality product the first time round will lead to you saving money. Try us out and experience our commitment to fantastic customer service and a superior product first hand. You won’t be sorry!

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