High Temperature Resins

Certain industries have products that need to be able to withstand a variety of issues during the course of their usefulness. They also need to have them produced at an economical cost and have the potential to offer a lower carbon footprint as well.

With a variety of different plastic injection molding machines at its disposal, Superior Plastics has extensive experience in the production of high temperature resins. Included in this group are the performance resins that help a product retain its strength, even when temperatures reach as high as 400 degrees.

An additional benefit that comes through working with Superior Plastics is that the end product will be a lighter version of what a company previously used. That can be vital in an industry where a company seeks to gain greater control over its fuel usage or wants something that can be maneuvered much more easily.


Ultem is the trade name for Polyertherimide and is an integral component in the world of electronics as well as computers. That’s because equipment used in those fields, including circuit boards, produces ample amounts of heat from its products, which makes the use of high temperature resins like this absolutely imperative.

However, it’s also flexible enough to withstand the corrosive properties of fluids and solutions, as well as serving as a flame retardant. For example, in the world of aerospace, as well as the automobile and oil industries, fluids like oil or gasoline not only pose a potential threat of fire, but also have properties that can quickly erode material if the performance resins used are substandard.

Other examples where Ultem is an asset in these industries is in the production of aircraft interiors as well as trays or containers that need to be heated. Meanwhile, the auto industry’s production of head lamp reflectors can also be expedited through plastic injection molding machines.


PEEK serves as an easier reference to polyetheretherketone, and is one of the performance resins that’s an invaluable component of industries like aerospace and automobiles. That’s because in putting cars and airplanes together, durable parts that have been crafted to withstand not only the wear and tear of everyday life that include sometimes brutally cold conditions, but also the abrasions that can take a toll through repeated usage.

Other industries have also found that they can replace metal with high temperature resins like PEEK. For example, the medical field continues to rapidly advance each year by incorporating a vast number of device applications into the overall care for patients. These include such things as an ultrasound machine or diagnostic equipment, items which need to eliminate any excess production costs that would ordinarily be attached.

The Value of Quality

Having to replace parts for any number of reasons can not only be a bother for a company, but can also result in a costly disruption of service. Regardless of the business, not being able to produce materials could not only mean lost revenue potential, but also damage the company brand if their customers have deadlines to meet.

With the plastic injection molding machines available at Superior Plastics, industry production moves along with precision, producing the necessary products at a competitive price that will serve as a benefit to all sides. Contact us online to get started.