Plastic Injection Molding In The Aerospace Industry

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Aerospace Plastic Molding

The aerospace industry covers a wide spectrum of businesses in both the commercial and defense industries. The types of products that they create can range from light aircraft for an aviation enthusiast to a fighter jet used for conflict. In any and all cases, attention to detail is paramount when developing the products, especially when it comes to plastic injection molding.

The Process Explained

A plastic product for this specific industry is created through the process of aerospace plastic injection molding. Beginning with a customized mold that is shaped according to the specified directive of a client, this specificity allows them the opportunity to make molten plastic into shapes that are effectively limited only by the imagination. An injection of melted polymer granules into the mold is a key part of the process.

Aerospace plastic injection molding requires precision parts that are designed to meet exacting standards related to measurements as well as specifications. The emphasis on this philosophy is what helps create such things as turbine blades and housings, pin maps and carbon or glass fibers that can be molded into sheet applications. Before they go out the door, they are rigorously tested to make sure that these integral components stand up to the toughest of conditions.

Durability is Key

Such durability is a vital component of any facet of the aerospace industry, since powerful forces and intense heat or cold are a part of the overall package. When it comes to aerospace plastic injection molding, other areas like lenses, panels, bezels and chassis components have to set the standard in order to work in conjunction with the rest of the overall equipment.

Ease of Operation

Convenience and cost savings are two ways that Superior Plastics can aid their clients through the use of drop shipping and label services. Superior has the capability to not only create the product, but ship it under a client’s name. These options are also possible when a company has an order beyond their capabilities. Considerations such as these not only put more money into the pockets of our clients, but free them up to seek new business elsewhere.

Leaders in the Field

Since entering the molding business in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in 1981, Superior Plastics has made customer service a hallmark of its business approach. Combining that cornerstone with state-of-the-art technology for aerospace injection molding, Superior Plastics makes sure its customers get a quality product on time and at an affordable price. ISO9000 certified and AS9100 compliant, Superior Plastics is the place to go for all your plastic molding needs. Contact us now!