Top Industries Using Injection Molding: Shoes

Aug 14, 14 • injection moldingComments Off on Top Industries Using Injection Molding: Shoes

The shoe industry is using injection molding more and more to produce their shoes. You have worn several pairs of shoes that were made with an injection mold, but you probably did not know it. The top of the shoe is leather or fabric that has been sewn together, but the sole of the shoe is something that can made from a number of substances.


Comfort shoes are designed to give you a comfortable place to walk, but these shoes are not as sophisticated as you think. The bottom of the shoe, or the outsole, can be made in a pattern that is more comfortable for you. Some companies use waffle molds to make their shoes light, and other companies use shaped molds to create a cushion for your foot.

The arches in your shoes will not fall down because the arch was made in an injection mold, and the outsoles do not break down easily because they are all made from one piece of material. When you pick a shoe that has a rubber outsole, it likely was made with an injection. This process automatically makes the shoe more durable, and a smart company can use the mold to make the shoe more comfortable.

The Shape

The shape of the outsole is also determined by the mold. You can wear shoes that have the logo of the company imprinted on them, or you can wear shoes that have a curved outsole for easier walking. You will notice that each shoe from the same company has the same outsole, and these injection molds make these shoes more consistent.

When you find a shoe that is made with injection molding, you will know that every other shoe from that company is going to feel just as good. That consistency gives you a shoe that you can loyal to for years and years.

Injection molds have made shoes more comfortable and more consistent for years. You can pick out the shoes that work best for you, and you can stay loyal to an injection molded shoe that works for your feet. Contact us today to learn more about our injection molding services.