Plastic Molding: Tapping Into A Versatile Resource

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Custom injection molding from Superior Plastics, Ft Worth, TXQuick, Name Every Plastic Molded Item You Can Think Of!

Chances are you will be easily able to think of quite a few plastic products right away, from machine components to cooking utensils. Plastic molding is an amazing material and a valuable resource, when used responsibly and considerately. If you remember this commercial, then you have some idea of the importance of this mold-able and highly useful material. It can be made into just about anything. 

The Origin of Plastics

Discussing the origin of plastic can be a highly involved scientific conversation requiring a background in chemistry to truly understand. The substance is made from a combination of different polymers. Polymers are chemical compounds, or mixtures of compounds, made up of repeating structural units. Some can be more organic than others. The first plastics were made of polymers derived from egg and blood proteins. When Charles Goodyear discovered the process of vulcanization in the 1800’s, the field of plastics began the advance that brought us to where we are today.

Plastics and Custom Injection Molding

Today, plastic can be molded into almost anything. But as much of a miracle substance as the stuff is, it can’t do the molding on its own. The field of custom injection molding, or custom plastics molding, has combined with this varied strain of polymers to bring us many of the items we take for granted everyday. Good injection molders, like our 400 Ton Toyo or 300 Ton Van Dorn, can make just about anything.

In this day and age, there are plastic components in almost every imaginable application, but here are a few that might be so obvious that you forgot about them! How much would you notice the absence of:

    • water bottles
    • cleaner bottles, and their tops
    • CDs
    • computer parts
    • cups
  • serving spoons
  • headphones
  • glasses frames
  • tooth brushes
  • Nearly everything else!

Plastic Injection Mold Items Are Everywhere

Take a moment to think about any of the thousands of objects you interact with on a daily basis. It’s truly mind-blowing! If you need a mold built, or are looking for a solution for custom injection molding, look no further than Superior Plastics. We operate out of Fort Worth, Texas, but our growing list of customers and clientele is international and continues to spread. If you’re not sure, contact us!

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