The Plastic Injection Molding Process

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When it comes to plastic injection molding, the creation process begins by creating the necessary plastic mold that will be used. That part is easy for Superior Plastics due to the availability of state-of-the-art machinery that is specifically designed to handle such jobs.

The Design Process

In some instances, the design of the mold can simply be described by the customer, allowing for a quick transition from development to finished product. However, many designs require a meticulous approach that is honed through the experience of a company like Superior Plastics, which has been doing such jobs for more than three decades.

Given that creating the plastic mold is the most difficult step of the process and requires precise craftsmanship, our customers can trust us to provide the best possible mold.

Clamp Force Determination

Depending on the amount of pressure required, the clamp holds the mold in place while the injection process takes place. That injected material is the byproduct of tiny beads or granules of polymer that are heated until they’re melted down. The melted material is then injected or fed into the mold.

While not a given, the general idea behind determining how much clamp force to use is this: for every square inch in the mold, there should be three tons of clamp force. As noted, Superior Plastics can offer a variety of custom-made material and do it at a competitive rate that focuses on quality.

The ability to fill large orders through this process becomes much easier by the use of a computer controller on the machine. By pre-programming it beforehand, the production can commence.

Superior Plastics also has the capability to handle custom plastic injection molding orders that demand a smaller production order.

More Than Three Decades of Quality Workmanship

Since opening its doors in the Dallas/Fort Worth community in 1981, Superior Plastics has evolved from a local force to be reckoned with in the world of plastics into a respected international player in that same industry.

The focus on creating quality plastic injection molding in instilled in all Super Plastics employees, which insures that the company’s certification in ISO 900 and compliance in ASO 9100 are testaments to the finished product.