How Plastic Injection Molding is Making Progress Possible

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Plastic injection molding making minute detail achievable.Plastic injection molding machines first came about in the 1930’s to meet the needs of an industry that required a manufacturing process which could produce complex and custom plastic components. The injection molding process soon evolved into a successful method of mass production which introduced products cheaply and within exacting tolerances. Due to the precision of injecting plastic into a mold instead of stamping or cutting it out, the process has lessened waste and allowed lower quality plastics to be introduced. The injection molding process has revolutionized the manufacturing process for components and items that we every day, like plastic forks, toothbrushes and sunglasses.


Plastic injection molding offers precision and detail that would not be possible or feasible with a single molding process. This allows for intricate detail in very small scales. Optical lenses are one such item that requires tolerances in micro-millimeters, units that are so small that even minor mistakes can lead to inferior component fits. The process promotes striking accuracy with very little error, keeping the part continuously uniform and exact. This aids in design constraints, negating the need for additional processes to manufacture the same item. The process is also simpler, saving manufacturing time because of automated systems. Since the process operates at high pressure, the plastic is pressed harder against the mold which allows for minute detailed features and complex geometry, reliably producing an exact replica every time. If you need a mold created, we’ll work to produce one that meets your specifications.

Efficiency and Speed

Plastic injection reduces waste and eliminates multiple phases. This promotes high output with low input. Multiple design parts can be manufactured at the same time with the ability to introduce different designs into the same session. High production results, cutting down the turnover time for each phase. Labor time and cost is reduced, providing higher production runs. Speed is dramatically increased due to the simple design of the mold and the hot injection process. As a result, a single mold can generate more products and the molds have higher longevity than other plastic processing methods.

Plastic Diversity

The plastic molding injection process does not use monomers which are a type of plastics that create toxic fumes. Other processes which use monomer plastics need high levels of ventilation to keep their employees safe. The plastic injection molding process offers the option of combining two different types of plastic at once, called “co-injection” molding. Greater efficiency in the process is also achieved by allowing the use of thermoplastics. After injection into the mold, any excess can be used again by remelting. Thermoplastics are available in several strengths and densities, offering custom part manufacturing over a wide range of applications.

End Results and Benefits

The manufacturing process of plastic molding has a positive impact on everyone from the design experts to the end consumers, putting lower cost of production and quality workmanship at the forefront. With the injection molding process, high quality is achieved regardless of the increase in production. This leads to good products at very competitive prices. The end result means the manufacturer benefits and passes the savings off to the consumer, in addition to providing satisfaction for all those in involved between the beginning and end process.

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