Plastic injection molding, an inventors best friend.

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Plastic molding, versatile medium great for inventors!Your company has a great idea for a product. You have the patents squared away. You have explored your markets thoroughly. It’s time to figure out the best manufacturing option. A good manufacturing process should be versatile, simple and affordable. It should yield dependable results on a consistent basis. Innovators the world over are discovering the world of possibilities offered with plastic injection molding. So what makes injection molding so great?

Incredible Versatility

The genius of custom molding is you can create products in almost any shape and size. The molding process allows you to produce everything from the tiniest implements to something as large as the panels for an automobile. Molded materials are light and durable, affording your customers the convenience and dependability they demand.

Rapid Turnaround

You can fashion molds that allow an array of different finishes and forms. The only limit on your creations is your imagination. For companies that need to innovate quickly, plastic injection molding is an inventor’s best friend. The process allows your product to go from prototype to production rapidly. You will be amazed at how quickly your production can grow with injection molding.

Extreme scalability

Injection molding helps you bring down per-unit costs as your production scales upward. Modern custom molding processes are more efficient than ever before. With a top tier plastic injection molding design, defects are rare and easily remedied. The process makes large scale manufacturing simple, affordable and dependable on a level never seen before. The injection molding process allows you to scale your production at the speed of business. Design processes that once took months or even years to get products to market can now push inventions out in weeks or even days.

Custom ordered precisely

Creating the initial molds is a big part of the process. Costs vary depending upon the requirements of the molds needed, but Superior Plastics will work with you every step of the way! Prices depend on the complexity of the mold and the method necessary to produce it, but we’ll ensure that your design is molded to perfectly match your specifications. With modern CNC and EDM systems, almost any form you can imagine can be made. If you can invent it, a custom plastic mold can make it happen. Once you have passed the design phase, injection molds make the manufacturing process vastly easier. As you manufacture more units, costs will continue to decrease.

Modern innovation requires a manufacturing process that can keep up with growth. As your product captures more marketshare, you want a manufacturing process that can scale with demand. And you want a process that will help bring down costs as your market blooms. Innovation demands speed, affordability and dependability. When you want a process that will keep up with those demands, you need to turn to the convenience and reliability of custom molding.

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