Creative Ideas To Reuse Recycled Plastic Bottles

Sep 12, 14 • News, plastic recyclingComments Off on Creative Ideas To Reuse Recycled Plastic Bottles

People around the world are becoming more aware of sustainability, the damage being done to our environment, and ways recycle everyday items. One of the things people are doing is finding creative ideas to reuse recycled plastic bottles. Here are some good ways to put your plastic bottles to good use.

Create A Watering Can

Plastic Bottles Reusable

Make a few holes in a plastic bottle cap. Fill the bottle with water, and suspend it upside down into a planter. The water will drip into the soil keeping the plant moist. A recycled watering can is a good method for keeping your plants watered if you’re going to be away.(Image Source)

Feed the Birds

Plastic Bottle Bird FeederYou can reuse plastic bottles by turning them into bird feeders. There’s a couple of ways to do this. The bottom portion of the bottles is cut, so they resemble a bowl. Make three or four small holes near the top of the bottle at equal distances. Hang with thin wire pushed through the holes and twisted together near the top to form a hanger. Another way to make a bird feeder is to push a wooden spoon from either side through a small hole in the bottle. Fill with bird seed and place the cap on the bottle. (Image Source)

Create A Vase

Vase plastic bottleClean the bottle thoroughly and remove the label. Carefully cut off the top portion of the bottle, so it’s even all the way around. Decorate with adhesive shelf paper, paint with acrylics, or use your imagination to decorate the outside of your vase. Use beads or inexpensive crystals on the finished surface. (Image Source)

Individual Herb Gardens

Plastic Bottle Herb GardenCut the top of the bottle and fill with soil. You can plant a favorite herb in each of the bottles. Creating planters for herbs is a good way to plant an herb garden if you have limited space or live in an urban area. The containers can be set on a sunny windowsill or out on a patio. (Image Source)



Desk Organizers

Plastic Bottle Desk OrganizerReuse plastic bottles by converting them into desk organizers. Cut off just enough from the top to hold pens and pencils. Creating containers with recycled plastic bottles is also a good way to keep craft supplies organized. You can even use a hot glue gun to attach several bottles and make a large organizer from them. (Image Source)


There are so many creative ideas to reuse recycled plastic bottles. Use your imagination and you can come up with a lot of ways to use them in your home. Feel free to leave comments below on ideas you have! We would love to hear from you!