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Creative Ideas To Reuse Recycled Plastic Bottles

Sep 12, 14 • News, plastic recyclingComments Off on Creative Ideas To Reuse Recycled Plastic Bottles

People around the world are becoming more aware of sustainability, the damage being done to our environment, and ways recycle everyday items. One of the things people are doing is finding creative ideas to reuse recycled plastic bottles. Here are some good ways to put your plastic bottles to good use. (more…)

Plastic molding & Recycling – Shaping the future

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Reusing and recycling plastics with the plastic injection molding process.Recycled Plastics, the Environment and Improved Profits

An environmentally responsible business plan is becoming an increasingly vital component of any effective long-term strategy. This is not merely due to the growing number of environmental laws businesses must comply with, but also due to the fact that the public expects that the business world will do its part in preserving the environment. Fortunately, plastic molding is a technology that can combine productivity, cost-effectiveness and an environmentally responsible production process in one package. (more…)

Innovator’s Efforts to Recycle Plastics through DIY Molding

Jul 10, 13 • plastic industry, plastic recyclingComments Off on Innovator’s Efforts to Recycle Plastics through DIY Molding

Mold building and plastic molding.Today we’d like to highlight the ingenious efforts of a DIY plastic molder, who created a plastic molding process out of fairly primitive materials. You can read his story as he told it on Reddit. We got his permission to put together this post, but unfortunately we don’t have any access to actual photographs of his process.

Simple Methods with Extraordinary Results!

In East Africa, the ancient art of blacksmithing is getting a twenty-first century, eco-friendly upgrade. A writer working under the pseudonym Technosaur has developed a “smelting” process for recycling plastic and rubber, allowing for an innovative form of custom plastic molding.

Necessity Gives way to Invention Again

Technosaur’s village lacks safe running water, and tire-soled shoes are common footwear there. Perhaps it was this culture of upcycling – repurposing used materials into new products – that cultivated Technosaur’s ambition to go the step further and build a home-based plastics recycling method. In a reddit post, Technosaur explains that while plastic products are unavoidable, it is possible to reduce the waste they create by melting them down and molding them into new items. (more…)

7 Ways Plastic is Helping the Environment

May 2, 13 • plastic products, plastic recyclingComments Off on 7 Ways Plastic is Helping the Environment

Recycle Plastic Molding | Environmentally Friendly Plastic Injection MoldingContrary to many uninformed individuals, plastic can actually help the environment in a wide variety of ways. While it’s common knowledge the plastic can be recycled and reformed through plastic molding techniques, there are still many more ways plastic is better for the environment than traditional materials such as paper or wood. The following examples are only some of the ways that plastic is helping the environment.