7 Ways Plastic is Helping the Environment

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Recycle Plastic Molding | Environmentally Friendly Plastic Injection MoldingContrary to many uninformed individuals, plastic can actually help the environment in a wide variety of ways. While it’s common knowledge the plastic can be recycled and reformed through plastic molding techniques, there are still many more ways plastic is better for the environment than traditional materials such as paper or wood. The following examples are only some of the ways that plastic is helping the environment.

1. Plastic Has A Lower Environmental Impact Than Paper

Paper products require a vast amount of resources to produce. In addition to the need to cut down large numbers of trees to produce paper products, the paper making process requires vast quantities of energy and water to function. In addition, paper making factories produce a large amount of waste. In addition, because paper products are less durable than plastic products, like those storage injection molding, they have to be replaced far more often.

2. Plastic Can be Recycled Into a Variety of Forms

An important advantage of plastic is the sheer variety of forms it can be recycled into. Today’s plastic bottles can be recycled and converted into tomorrow’s feedstock for a plastic molding system. Not only is this more environmentally friendly, but it also makes plastic a very flexible material for the industrial needs of the 21st century.

3. Plastic is More Efficient Than Other Materials

Because plastic is lighter and stronger than many other materials, it takes less plastic to handle any given task. This reduces the amount of material needed for a given purpose, which helps to reduce the environmental impact of plastic components.

4. Plastic Materials Can be Converted Into Fuel

In addition to being recycled into other objects, plastic can be converted into fuel. Not only does this recycle the plastic, it also reduces the amount of fossil fuels that have to be extracted from the earth. Not only does this reduce the environmental impact of fossil fuel extraction, but can also help keep fuel prices low.

5. Plastic is Long Lasting

Whether it is used in plastic molding or as a drink container, plastic is a very long lasting material. Because of this, there is less need to continually throw away plastic components. This not only reduces the amount of trash that is generated, but also reduces the need for the production of replacement components. Because of this, the durable nature of plastic reduces both waste and production related pollution.

6. Plastic can be Easily Compressed Into a Small Package

A major problem facing America is loss of available recycling and landfill space. However, because plastic can be easily compressed, it are well suited to efficient storage, whether the goal is for permanent disposal or temporary storage before the material’s recycling for another purpose, such as use in an injection molding process.

7. Using Plastic can Help Improve the Nation’s Fuel Economy

Finally, light weight plastic compounds have helped to dramatically improve the fuel economy of the nation. Whether it is increasing a car’s mileage by using a plastic body, or simply reducing the weigh of a truck’s cargo, plastic helps reduce the amount of energy needed to get people to work and goods to market.

Don’t Bash Plastics – They Can Be Helpful!

Ultimately, plastic is an excellent tool to help reduce mankind’s impact on the environment. In fact, in many respects plastic is far more environmentally friendly than any other material commonly used by man. If you’d like to recycle plastic and bring a design to life using plastic molding techniques, contact Superior Plastics – we’d love to be a pert of your environmentally friendly, creative process!

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