Recycling CO2 into Plastic

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Environmentally friendly plastic molding with Superior PlasticsEnvironmentally Friendly Plastic from CO2

Recent developments have taken the plastic world by storm as it looks like CO2 emissions could be greatly reduced. Plastics are about to become more Eco-friendly than ever!

Environmentally friendly plastic molding is now an achievable goal. A new process speeds up the rate of reaction to create polypropylene carbonate polymers(PPC). These polymers contain over 40% CO2 by weight and can be used in a wide range of products, creating a new world of responsible plastic products.

Developments Announced by Department of Energy

Funded in part by the US Dept. of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy, Novomer, in collaboration with Albemarle Corporation, has tested this novel catalyst technology with very promising results. Changes may be coming for plastics of all types.

All this means that eco-friendly plastic molding appears to be in our future. Currently, the process uses fossil fuels in production, but with the new process, half of the fossil fuels will be replaced with CO2, with production costs expected to remain steady. Not only will plastics be produced in a more energy efficient way, it’s possible that in the future manufacturing plastics will actually cause positive environmental impact by reducing CO2 levels.

A Better, Greener Plastic Product

Indications suggest that the new products demonstrate greater strength and load-bearing capabilities than the fossil fuel products. Adhesives and coatings will better withstand the weather and be UV and water resistant, making this the era of responsible plastic products.

Plastic Production Innovators

One company, Bayer MaterialScience, a producer of polymers and high-tech plastics, has been using CO2 since 2011 and plans to roll out their first product using the new processes next year, a mattress made with carbon dioxide-based flexible foam.

Newlight Technologies has made plastic from waste methane gas found on farms and landfills. They have developed a bio-catalyst to polymerize the carbon, and it is 10 times more effective than what is available today. Soon to roll out their own products of chairs, food containers, and auto parts, they are proving that new boundaries are being surpassed.

A Plastic for a Safe Environment

Truly turning “trash into treasure”, pollution is taking a hit and will continue on a downward spiral as more plastic products are converted to use the new and exciting processes. Just think of a future with eco-friendly plastic molding. Plastic makers everywhere are celebrating these developments.

Global Warming, the dreaded catch word for the first years of this millennium, may one day be just a footnote to history. Reducing CO2 emissions now could make the difference for a future without the dire warnings we hear today. Responsible plastic product manufacturers may just be the environmental kings of tomorrow.

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