Document Control Procedure

1.0 Purpose

To address the control of records and documents

2.0 Scope

Applies to all internal records and documents.

3.0 Responsibilities

Top management is responsible for managing all Needs & Expectations of Interested Parties

4.0 Procedure

Identification: All documents are given titles and / or document numbers and revisions.
Storage: Short term filing and long term storage are shown below.
Protection: Records are typically stored in file cabinets or electronically for protection.
Retrieval: Records can be retrieved by anyone in top management.
Retention: Retention times are shown below.
Disposition: Record disposition is shown below.

The controls needed for records and documents to remain legible, readily identifiable, and retrievable are shown below.

The method for controlling records that are created by and / or retained by suppliers is defined in QP-7.4.2.

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