Creative Ideas To Reuse Recycled Plastic Bottles

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People around the world are becoming more aware of sustainability, the damage being done to our environment, and ways recycle everyday items. One of the things people are doing is finding creative ideas to reuse recycled plastic bottles. Here are some good ways to put your plastic bottles to good use. (more…)

Top Industries Using Injection Molding: Shoes

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The shoe industry is using injection molding more and more to produce their shoes. You have worn several pairs of shoes that were made with an injection mold, but you probably did not know it. The top of the shoe is leather or fabric that has been sewn together, but the sole of the shoe is something that can made from a number of substances. (more…)

Recycling CO2 into Plastic

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Environmentally friendly plastic molding with Superior PlasticsEnvironmentally Friendly Plastic from CO2

Recent developments have taken the plastic world by storm as it looks like CO2 emissions could be greatly reduced. Plastics are about to become more Eco-friendly than ever! (more…)

Try a USA Based Custom Plastic Molding Company

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Turn Your Dream into Reality

Plastic Molds Made in USA

You have an idea for a new product, an invention, an intuitively designed gadget that you alone had the inspiration and drive to create. Maybe your invention exists only on paper. Perhaps you have a prototype or a model of it already. You may be an inventor of aerospace tools or you may have the next million dollar idea for an “as seen on TV” product. Your piece has dimension and angles, undercuts and moving parts. It is something that you just know fills a need, and a niche. The next question is simple: how do you go about producing it?

Let us provide some helpful information.

Plastic Molding USA

Plastic injection molding in the USA and elsewhere plays a vital role in the way we live. The variety of expertly produced parts, products and devices that we use every day for work and recreation is endless. We are proud to say that Superior Plastics has helped to design and produce countless high quality plastic pieces that have served a variety of industries. From superior quality materials, our plastic injection molding expertise, combined with our commitment to excellence, has helped us serve a variety of industries, including the aerospace, telecommunications, electronics, and construction industries. Whatever industry your creation fits into, Superior Plastics can provide the service you need to see your project through to completion. (more…)

An Overview of Injection Molding

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Overview of Injection MoldingManufacturers are constantly coming up with ways to make the cost of production lower and the quality and quantity of the product higher. A method of production that was a result of this drive is plastic injection molding. Plastic molding is a process that many manufacturers use today to create plastic pieces. It is much quicker and cost-efficient than other methods of manufacturing. It has also given manufactures and designers more options for their products.


Saving money on production is the biggest advantage of plastic injection molding. There is no cutting involved which means there is no scrap material that is wasted. Also, there is minimal finishing involved in plastic molding. Molding is also much quicker than other methods.

The Process

The mold is created and clamped. Plastic resin is then melted and injected into the mold where it is allowed to cool until it is solid. When it is sufficiently cooled, the piece in ejected from the mold. The finishing work consists of trimming off the excess plastic which is then reheated and recycled. The cycle continues with another batch of plastic resin. (more…)

The History of Plasticware

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History of PlasticwareBefore we used plastic forks, knives, and spoons, the only option available was metal. As plastic became more and more popular, it began to take over our utensil drawers. Although many utensils are still found in metal, plastic now has many applications in the tableware industry. It also has opened new possibilities.

History of the Use of Plastic in Utensils

After World War II, plastic was being used more regularly in the home. By the 60’s, plastic had replaced other materials in the kitchen like wood, metal, and glass. Families saw the benefits of plastic tableware. Several companies began to make kitchen products that didn’t break easily, were easy to clean, came in beautiful colors, and at an affordable cost. Companies like Lustro Ware and Melmac began making spoons, scoops, forks, bowls, and other kitchenware with plastic. In fact, modern kitchens that are said to have the “retro” look of the 1960’s are frequently associated with brightly colored plastic.

Disposable Utensils

Manufacturers soon began making plastic spoons, forks, and knives that were meant to be thrown away after one use. This eliminated the need to use water, electricity, and manpower to wash them. For this reason, these disposable utensils became very popular with fast food restaurants and airlines. Today, disposable utensils can be found at restaurants as well as on grocery store shelves. (more…)

The Plastic Bottle

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the plastic bottle

Plastic bottles can be found in almost every place consumers go such as automotive shops, grocery markets, and pharmacies. They hold our food and beverages, medicine, hair products, cleaning products, and much more. Plastic bottles are everywhere. There was a time when these products were contained in bottles made of other materials. Because plastic is easier to work with and cheaper to produce, it has taken the place of other materials as the most common packaging material over the years.

Plastic Bottle Tops

While there are a variety of types of plastic bottles, there are just as many plastic bottle tops. Plastic bottles that contain beverages typically have a screw-on top. These replaced some of the metal bottle caps of the past that required a bottle opener. Some other drinking bottles have a squirt-top cap that gives the drinker a controlled amount. Shampoos and lotions often have a squirt-top cap as well. Cleaners typically come in trigger-spray bottles. Some plastic bottles have tops that are designed to keep children out. In 1970, the United States passed laws that required manufacturers to make child resistant caps to protect them from overdosing. (more…)

Plastic Molding In The Electronic Industry

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plastic blenderWhile it is true that electronics have come a long way in the past few decades, the industry could not have gotten far without plastic. In many ways, plastic and electronics work hand in hand to produce the gadgets we have available today. Plastic makes electronics practical for the average consumer by making the design more accommodating to the user and lowering the cost of production.

Plastics Are Often Present In Electronics

Plastic protects and insulates electronic products. Many electronics, from laptop computers to stopwatches, benefit from the protection of hard plastic electronics enclosures. In addition, plastic electronic components are very common in printers, handheld games, telephones, calculators, alarm clocks, and other electronic devices.

Light Weight

When it comes to plastic electronics enclosures, the material is relatively light in weight for the durability and protection it provides. With electronics like tablets and smart phones, it is generally thought that sleeker and lighter is better. Plastic is the ideal material that can help accomplish this while still maintaining durability.

Choose a Local Plastic Injection Molding Company

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DFW TX Plastic Injection Molding | Why Choose a Local Manufacturing CompanyPlastic is one of the most amazing substances that man has ever created. It’s malleable, durable, and used in nearly all everyday objects. It’s one of the reasons transportation has become more fuel efficient – because a lot of the auto parts that used to be made with heavy metal are now made with lighter plastic. Plastic has also helped make medical care more affordable and safe, since it can be used to create medical equipment that is cheap and easily disposable. Plastics can be found in everything from furniture and electronic devices to sandwich bags and aircraft, and that is why it can be overwhelming when choosing a plastic injection molding company, since there are so many out there! Hopefully this article will help simplify the problem as we talk about why choosing a local company, when possible, is best.

Choose a Local Injection Molding Company

Dealing with a local injection molding company is just so much easier than dealing with a foreign company on so many levels. First, you will likely have a direct line of communication with a local company. When people call our DFW plastic molding company, they are directly connected with an actual Superior Plastics employee, not some middleman speaking English with an accent so heavy that you can barely understand him. Secondly, you won’t have to worry about time zone differences with a local company. You won’t need to plan out when to make a phone call, and it won’t take an unreasonably long amount of time to get a reply.

Plastic molding & Recycling – Shaping the future

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Reusing and recycling plastics with the plastic injection molding process.Recycled Plastics, the Environment and Improved Profits

An environmentally responsible business plan is becoming an increasingly vital component of any effective long-term strategy. This is not merely due to the growing number of environmental laws businesses must comply with, but also due to the fact that the public expects that the business world will do its part in preserving the environment. Fortunately, plastic molding is a technology that can combine productivity, cost-effectiveness and an environmentally responsible production process in one package. (more…)